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Importance of A, B & C goals

Goal setting is something we have all likely done before. Some of us find it easy to do, however, it can be more challenging for others. I personally find it difficult to narrow all of my efforts down to one specific thing. It can also be intimidating to set a goal when it is out of your comfort zone and may be hard to achieve - it can feel overwhelming and like we are setting ourselves up for failure.

Here are some tips to help make goal setting more approachable and manageable for you!

A common tactic is setting an A, B and C goal for each race. We all know that there are many factors that go into race day. It is important to go into races with realistic goals and expectations in the event that if the day doesn't go perfectly, we can still walk away proud of ourselves.

Here is an example of what these goals could look like:

  • A goal = tip top goal.

    • Example: Running a personal best time

  • B goal = not your tip top goal, but still something that will feel like a breakthrough.

    • Example: Negative splitting the race (finishing faster than you started)

  • C goal = no matter what happens, you will still be happy you accomplished this goal.

    • Example: Finishing the race

This tactic can be used for anything, not just racing! The true purpose of this “layered” goal setting approach is to set yourself up for success. It can also show you just how much you are capable of. Always remember, whatever you are working towards, just by showing up, you are making progress.

I hope this method is helpful to you and you can apply it to your upcoming races, competitions, life events, etc.

Please reach out if you have any questions or need assistance setting your own A, B & C goals.

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