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Our Clients Say

"I was never an althetic child or adult until beginning a weight loss journey that led me to losing 125 lbs. I began running in 2019 and ran my first marathon in 2021 with a 5:15:51.  I went on with training, making plans with no real knowledge of training myself. After continuing to not see progress and really struggling with a fall 2022 marathon- I knew it was time to hire a coach & found Jillian!  I knew right away she was the best fit for me and she wanted me to reach my goals just as much as I did.  We got to work and within 5 months I PR'd my half marathon with a sub 2 hour at 1:58:47!  Then, PR'd my full marathon from 5:15:51 to 4:22:04!!  It was so important for me invest in myself and have a coach who supported and encouraged me make big scary goals and push to get to them. At 36 years old, I finally feel like an athlete and the sky is the limit with Rise & Reign."

Jen, Marathon Runner

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