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Our Clients Say


"Working with Jillian has changed my perception of running. I initially got into marathon racing to do something I’ve never done before and to push myself, now it’s changed my life. Running has become something I love. I started out on my own, kind of winging it, and after talking with a fellow runner and being filled in on what they were doing, I instantly volunteered to work with Jillian.


Jillian and I met through CrossFit and after learning about her collegiate background (and just recently crushing the Boston Marathon) I didn’t even hesitate to put ALL my trust in her to guide me and build me up as a future ultra-runner (MCM 50K) and someday, an Ironman Athlete. Anyone can be a coach; anyone can teach you, but to have a coach to work with that is 100% bought into you as a person and obviously as an athlete. She’s more than just my endurance coach, she’s become a great friend and mentor. You won’t regret working with her to get after your dreams."

Ben, Marathon & 50k Client

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