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Our Athletes Say


"I initially started working with Jillian for Basic 1:1 Coaching after hitting a half marathon PR and wanting to maintain my fitness through the summer months. Quickly after we started working together I decided I wanted to run my first marathon. Jillian was so wonderful to work with. She adjusted my plan and continued to adjust with whatever life threw at me. What was truly invaluable to me was her knowledge, expertise, and support. I successfully ran my first marathon well-prepared, happy, and supported. Having a coach like Jillian made a significant positive impact - with any small or large goal she is going to be in your corner helping you on your journey.  

I also worked with Andrea on a carb load plan and day-of-race fueling plan. While there is a wealth of information online about nutrition and running, it was very overwhelming for me to decipher. Andrea answered my numerous questions, simplified and customized a plan for me, and even helped problem solve and pinpoint issues I was having on long runs. I highly recommend meeting with Andrea with any fueling and nutrition questions for your training."

Christine, Marathon Runner

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